Sunday, July 17, 2011

An ode to Sowmya....

....was written on a paper that I came across today. Well, let me rewind to 15 minutes ago......

I was turning the house upside down to find an important paper for filing our 2010 taxes. The paper was related to Ashok's work and although he insisted that he gave it to me, I couldn't find it with the rest of the paperwork and I had already spent 2 hours going through everything I had. So as a final resort, I went for the ''document bag''. The so-called document bag belongs to Ashok, where he meticulously saves everything from credit card bills to receipts to tax documents year-wise and I have strict instructions not to mess with it.

I figured (like all women...rolling eyes) that as long as I was careful in placing everything like it was stored, there is no harm in checking if the paper was in it. After a few minutes, I came across a bunch of train tickets (thanks to our long distance relationship) and I was just about to move to the next section when I noticed the word ''ode'' and ''mya'' in Ashok's calligraphic handwriting. I pondered just for a few seconds before curiousity overwhelmed me and I was rapidly drawing it out of the bunch.

A quick detour - I am not a fan of poetry, especially those that compare a girl to a flower or a moon. I am not against romance, its just that I like it with a pinch of reality. I find coming home to a warm meal (surprise dinner) after a long day at work more romantic than getting a bunch of roses while at work. I would consider the former comforting, caring and thoughtful and the latter, a nice thought but an unnecessary public display and a waste of money.

Back to the ode - It was on the back of a used train ticket (which is usually an A4 print-out) and it looked like he started writing it to while away the time during the journey. Although I started reading it with a mischievous grin (while I was mentally planning on how to make fun of him!), I had tears streaming down my cheeks when I finished it, with a rush of affection for him (while I was mentally cursing the project deadline that kept him away this weekend).

The ode was simple, cute, extremely well-written with a reminder of how well he knows me and has noticed all my little quirks - some of them lovable, some of them annoying and yet funny. It wasn't blatant flattery but it was like seeing our whole life together on a piece of paper.....I loved it and will treasure it for as long as I live.

We have known each other for 10 years and have been married for 4.5 years and if after all this time, and amidst his hectic schedule, he still finds to write something like this (and feels shy enough to hide it in his ''document bag'') I should consider myself truly blessed :) !

PS: Now one of 2 things is going to happen - he is going to see my blog or someone who sees it is going to tell him. Either way, I am going to get an earful for touching the ''document bag''...well, I deserve it :D !

PPS: I had second thoughts about writing this blog but I told myself - The ode is personal, I wouldn't dream of sharing it with anyone else but the happiness and fierce pride that comes with it is meant to be shared :) !

PPPS:, I still haven't found the paper that started it all....


  1. Hats off to you both! It would have been a good chance to know his heart. As you said public display of affection/love holds a very less importance to me too. For example, me n HK have not celebrated our anniversaries for the past 9 years in any of the restaurants. Esp this year with a few months old kid to take care of, we did not plan anything. But I had a small cake at home (just two bites) and I had that ready for him with a small note when he came back from office. It made both of our day! Now I will call that as a real celebration!

  2. WOW!! Probably the "doc bag" restriction was to ensure that u wouldn't find this one.... or mabbe like u said 't was the best safe keep, since the taboo was already on.... Any which ways..... WOW!!

  3. And I have to add this mam!! This Man humbles me beyond the image of any romantic... He has given me sleepless nights... how does one measure up to true love like this??? Another movie built on a "romantic" genre and heroes sweeping women off their feet... I'm ready to puke!!! Why do I so all of a sudden feel like T. Rajendar?? Sob! Sob!

  4. @Priya
    yup, cake at home does sound comforting at the end of a work day :)

    thanks and for your second comment, all I can say is 'lifting collar' (ironically I am not humble about this :D)

  5. Ashok kavidai ellam eluduvana……………. Surprised!
    As I know him in college, he is just a padips senior
    U changed him I guess…….
    So happy for you guys!

  6. @Beaulah
    thanks and I am really surprised too :)


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