Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This and That

In search of a dirty bachelor....
Half-eaten pizza boxes, clothes strewn all over the place, dirty floors, all in all a messy room – what does this remind you of ? The most likely answer is probably ‘a bachelor’s room’ but where is this room and more importantly, where is this bachelor? None of my male friends at the University of Stuttgart lived in such a messy room. In fact, some of their rooms were neat enough to embarrass me and make me wonder about my housekeeping abilities!! I have also visited (and sometimes without giving notice) friends from college or cousins who live alone and never have I seen a messy bachelor room....well, except in the movies. I have a feeling that some lazy guy started this rumor of being cool, if you don’t keep your place clean and it kinda stuck and even guys who are otherwise neat probably brag to their friends that they aren’t!

Nenachu nenachu siricha oru joke, something I heard recently...
Two people in a train
first one: enna sir, endhooruku ticket eduthurukeenga ?
other one: idhu mana desam, mana prajalu, mana rayilu, manaku enduku babu ticketu ?
first one: ''Without''nu ivalo velavariya solreenga !

One-stop shop is the way to go....
When you are looking for a house to rent, it means you are moving and in a place like Germany, where everyone loves paperwork, moving means piles of paperwork and changing your address at every place from the local city office to the library. So Immobilienscout does a brilliant job of pointing you to websites that offer services to people who move and for free
- you can order boxes for packing (umzugskarton)
- you can find the best movers or painters
- you can intimate the change of address to banks or insurance or telecom by just a click of a button
- If a particular organization will not accept an online change of address then you have a formal letter generator (in german) that you just have to print and post !
- You can find the best electric power supplier in your region
and the list goes on…
Idea mani asks: why not have a link to ebay to find used furniture in the same area ?

PS: am wondering if I should make "this and that" a series....hmm...

PPS: How do I label this post ??


  1. In search of a dirty bachelor:
    U havent seen much i guess.. :D Actually my friends lived with peruchaalees(big mouse ;)) in their rooms. though i maintained my room clean [raising collars]
    And its not abt coolness.. Its abt laziness :D

    PS: kandippa... like "katrathum petrathum".. u read sujatha's books???
    PPS : This and That... duh!

  2. @Sridhar
    'this and that' labela ? epdi ipdi oru brain wave ?? enakku thonave illa !!! on a serious note, how will anyone find it unless they are vetti enough to search for 'this and that' ?

    and did your friends by any chance start the 2002 plague ?

  3. hahaha... :D
    All the bachelors(except those few u mentioned) were responsible for tht... :P

  4. @Sridhar
    I have read a couple of Sujatha's works since appa is a huge fan, do you know if I can find his books online ?

  5. kasu kuduthu :

    OC'la :
    u can find some books in scribd,rapidshare,... though not many...

    U'll really enjoy reading his books,that i can guarantee. :)


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