Monday, April 6, 2009

What would Sherlock Holmes do today ?!

''Have you read anything else in this email, Mr. Holmes?”

“There are one or two indications, and yet the utmost pains have been taken to remove all clues. The domain name server address, you observe, is registered with the IEEE. But the IEEE is an organization which is seldom used by anyone but the highly educated. We may take it, therefore, that the email was composed by an educated man who wished to pose as an uneducated one, and his effort to conceal his own IP address suggests that that the network might be known, or come to be known, by you. Again, you will observe that the words are not typed in the same font and that there are typos. ‘Life,’ for example, is spelt ''Lufe''. That may point to carelessness or it may point to agitation and hurry upon the part of the writer. On the whole I incline to the latter view, since the matter was evidently important, and it is unlikely that the composer of such a letter would be careless''

Every time I read a Sherlock Holmes story (ironically online and not from a bound book), I cannot help but wonder how he would have coped with technology and all the information we have today (this would totally stump you - The Holmes I know would have probably used this to his advantage to hone those special skills and talents that makes him the one and only online private consulting detective !

It is difficult to picture such a genius today without wondering about domian name servers, IP addresses, routers, internet protocols and all the lot ! Would he probably have been invited to assist in a die-hard-4-like situation ?? Instead of his magnifying glass, would it simply be a digicam and then the shot moves on to a room where Holmes sits amidst all the latest image processing and recognition software and state-of-the-art equipment, something perhaps that he has developed of his own ?!

Would he have all the James Bond tools in his burgling kit instead of diamond-tipped glass cutter and nickel-pointed jemmy ? What about all the means of transport we have today ? How would have the chase between Professor Moriarty and Holmes taken shape - Would a hollywood-like helicopter chase have actually made the story better ??

As I keep typing these questions, I get pictures of Bruce Willis, Pierce Brosnan (and Q :D), Tom Cruise....would I want Holmes to be one of them ? Never.....this is becoming a case of mistaken identity !!

Can we actually imagine our very own dear Holmes without his magnifying glass, long coat, checked cap (God knows how much this will bother the fashion mongers of today !). This makes me wonder if the antique value of the Sherlock Holmes collection - the simplicity, Holmes's triumph inspite of the lack of information and resources and the inexplicable human nature (seen in crimes and their motives) that was hardly any different even if the surrounding world was - makes it more special and different from the numerous other detective stories of today !

Somewhere, someone is probably writing a story right now that reads ''Go, then, my dear Watson, and if my humble counsel can ever be valued at so extravagant a rate as 1 pound an sms, it waits your disposal night and day.”
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