Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Why kolaveri about kolaveri ?

If you don't know what I am talking about when I say ''Kolaveri'', then you have been off the grid ! Everyone involved in the song have been interviewed to death and they all say the same thing - we don't know why its so popular.

Yes, its a simple catchy tune, lyrics are easy to identify with and the tanglish makes you grin. But there so many songs with catchy tunes, simple lyrics and some other fun factor that never made news in BBC and Hindu ! They were not recommended by Big B is his blog, they did not bring twitter wishes from celebrities everywhere, they were not played over and over in MTV and they certainly did not have more than 17 million hits in youtube (as of today).

So what is so special about this one ? Noone can explain it.

Weirdly some people who first liked it do not anymore because they are sick and tired of the hype around it. They believe its ordinary and does not deserve this extraordinary attention its getting.

What about Jennifer Lopez's ''On the floor'' which was nothing but a fancy remix ? What about Britney spears' ''Baby one more time'' ? Granted that both these women are professional singers and put a lot more effort into their songs than Dhanush but my point is that there are so many songs that don't deserve the hype they get, so why pick on this one ? Did Javed Akhtar have anything to say about ''tai tai phiss'' or ''dhinka chikka'' ?

This is the age of text messages in place of calligraphed handwritten letters and 10 min youtube videos instead of hours of theatre. Anything simple and unexpected catches your attention and can hold it for a few minutes if it touches you emotionally and that's all there is to it.

Ponder on this if you will, I'm off....pa pa pa puan, pa pa pa puan, pa pa pa puan papa puan.....


  1. @Bhargaw
    Is a di supposed to be a pun (as in from the song and adi-beating) as well ? In that case, yaaruku adi ?

  2. I heard Sonu Nigam's son sing this.. Cute it sounded... but then I am yet to listen to this song fully.. Been watching too many reviews about it on TV... Will make time for review.. In fact someone sent me the link for review :) Kizhichudu deepa nu :) paarpom.

  3. Actually don't remember why I have commented "a di".. It just happened..

  4. Totally agree with u...also have the same views myself. The reason i believe its become such a rage is what i call a domino effect. First some people like it...then it spreads a little....then others who haven't heard the song think 'oh if these people like it, maybe me too'. This cycle continues till new channels start reperting it ...and then there's no stopping it !!

  5. Good tune...............


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