Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Keep track of your sins…

...with an iPhone app, appropriately named Confession**. I accidentally came across the app and some of the listed features:
- Ability to add sins not listed in standard examination of conscience
- Confession walkthrough including time of last confession in days, weeks, months, and years
- Choose from 7 different acts of contrition

Well…there is at least one app that will not interface with facebook and twitter..atleast not until location based advertising finds a way to monetize people’s sins !

What can you do with an old vacuum cleaner?

You can make it Einstein’s tongue, if you are creative !! You should be able to spot the other interesting "junk" if you click on the picture for the larger version.

Puzzler of the week: Dairy products cause cancer ??

…should rephrase…they increase the probability of cancer, according to a recent forward I got. As always, I googled totally expecting it to be one of those useless rumors that travels around the e-world in a jiffy (I pity those that create these forwards….if only they had a charming friend like me ;) :D) and was shocked to learn that it may be true.

Although studies have gone both ways and research is still being carried out, most of them incline towards accepting this premise as a fact. Almost all of them point to the Chinese, who apparently stay away from all kinds of dairy products, who have a really low rate of cancer when compared to those in the Europe and the US.

Has someone bothered checking out Indians, who live and breathe dairy products? If Indians had a much higher rate of Cancer or at least something comparable to the western world, I would slowly become a believer. However, if they do not, then I would believe that it would just link to all the artificial things that are done to the milk production (pumping it up with hormones and what not) here that’s the culprit. I have been used to fresh milk in India even though we later switched to Aavin but I still hold firmly that both milk and yoghurt taste weird in the western world (you can’t even go to the disaster that is buttermilk – God bless the Turkish for their Ayran that helps me survive in Germany) !

Given that I already know 3 Indians – all women – who suffer/suffered from cancer and that only one of them survives, I should say its not looking good……are the days of milk and paneer going to be replaced with soymilk and tofu?

Some say women should be careful about soy intake – so now, researchers, make up your mind, what can we actually eat??

** The article is not intended to offend Catholics or the concept of Confessional.

Copyright: The picture in from the KLM flight magazine and is the work of French artist, Bernard Pras


  1. Even in India, the milk from private firms are not fit to be consumed. They add some artificial substances to get thicker curd. The same applies for a lot of other eatables which are being stuffed with hazardous chemicals to make them look good or to increase their longevity

  2. The milk packets have 3 variations..Low, medium and high fat. But we dont what they add in it to make this variation. Unfortunately anyone (who drinks milk) has to put up with the artificial 'whatever' the company adds. Infact when I introduced outside milk for my 7 month old kiddo, I had this fear....'what am I actually feeding this child?' But then do I have a choice? Any thing say fruits, vegetables, milk, bakery products... everywhere there is some artificial healthy to artificial hazardous things added. Where the society's health is going?

  3. @kalyan and Priya
    is technology really making our lives better...makes one wonder right?

  4. technology is supposed to make our lives better. but tats not the actual case everywhere. it is just being exploited to make money. the crowd seen at the hospitals and pharmacies is increasing day by day. neither the people nor the government seem to be bothered about the hazards of adulteration. Regulations seem to be present only on papers and not on is also the responsibility of media to highlight these things, but they hardly have any slot to cover these useful things. Even if they do so, they will be suppressed by these firms as every firm runs with some kind of political backup.

  5. jus curious sowmya.... whether technology makes our lives better is the gr8 unknown... but at least the idea with which it all started was to make things "easier".... well?? Toiling in the fields from dawn till dusk and enjoying the fruits (literally) of ones' labor seems helluva lot easier than the all this hullaballoo... don't it?? So the verdict on TECHNOLOGY - Grand and Glam but pretty useless... and pls do eat... don't matter wht... cos if ur gonna wait for someone to tell u wht to eat... then u'll die of starvation... i guess dying of cancer is not any worse... given that there are possibilities we might jus not contract one...


    Cancer in China..since you were wondering.

  7. @viki
    if there is one thing that I can never let go of from my tambram upbringing its thayir sadham...even if cancer is the price to pay !

    thanks for the info, dint know about it. But its still inconclusive since this cancer is caused by pollution..wonder how India compares to that...

  8. hey.
    Just stumbled upon your blog on milk! I have known for many many years that milk is harmone-filled :( at first I drastically reduced dairy and I was used to taking Soy pdts even earlier, it was not hard for me. In the US it was India its very hard to resist that filter coffee..and gradually back to before with a lot of guilt and thanking the cows. Cancer is not my reason. Inhuman treatment of cows/calves is the main reason. Cancer can be caused by so many things..not just this.


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