Thursday, December 16, 2010

Movie Marathon

Since I had a bad week, I also had a movie marathon. One way to feel better is to keep oneself occupied but when there are no possibilities of outdoor activities and the person hardly has any interest in household chores and has read most of the English books in the local library, inevitably the idiot box (in this case a laptop with a DVD player) comes to the rescue.

So a run through of the movies I saw:

About a boy – As any normal girl does, I love (or maybe like a lot) all the Grants, from Cary to Hugh. This is a story of how a boy changes the life of Hugh Grant, a Casanova who worries only about himself and lives his life spending his father’s money. It is not one of those cancer-related movies, where someone having cancer changes everyone’s life but it is one of those inexplicable things that happens in life and what I loved about the movie was that, nothing was dramatic. Every scene was like it could happen to you or someone you know and that made it wonderful.

Knocked up – A movie that made me decide that rotten tomatoes ratings don’t have to be always right. According to one critic, this was supposed to be the best date-movie ever and I just thought to myself that if some guy had taken me to watch this movie, it would have been the last time I would have seen him! It gave the word “disgusting” a whole new meaning. As the name no doubt implies, it’s about how a one-night stand results in pregnancy and brings two people, most unsuited for each other, together. I wasn’t offended by this concept; I am grown-up enough to deal with that. What I couldn’t deal with was the crass humor (no, not adult humor, just crass) that involved men not showering, flushing etc. Guys, a word of warning, if your girl is anything like me, please stay away from this movie for your own sake!

Up in the air – Clooney is on the same list as the Grants :D ! This is about a man who travels 320 days a year and loves it! What I enjoyed most about the movie was how I could identify with Clooney’s excitement of being treated differently since he is a frequent traveler, his efficiency in air travel (from packing to checking-in at the right time, not too soon, not too late), his fervor in collecting miles etc. There was a time when I was traveling nearly 100 days a year and while it was exhausting on certain levels, it certainly was enjoyable on many other levels. I used to get preferential treatment at the Marriott, in Lufthansa and it made me swell with ego even though I was well aware that I was traveling on my employer’s money most of the time. The cabin crew in Lufthansa actually brought me a cup cake with a candle on it and wished me “Happy B’day” when I flew on the day after my b’day !

Dabang – I was never a fan of Salman and this film was a whole new low for him! What killed me was people comparing this movie to Tamil films (which was one of the reasons for me seeing it) just because Salman has a moustache and his dialogues rhyme – Bollywood, please do your homework before you want to produce something and call it a Kollywood copy. Even I though I am not a fan of Vijay, he can definitely do a better job than Salman even on his worst day! And what’s with the heroine Sonakshi??? Neither is she pretty, nor can she act or even react to others’ dialogues! When will people realize that fair does not mean lovely???!! All in all, I stopped the movie after an hour; I didn’t want to kill myself!

Tere Bin Laden – This was breath of fresh air especially after the Dabang fiasco. It is about how a gang of youngsters in Pakistan cause chaos unknowingly by using an Osama look-alike. It was a good story, the screenplay lagged at certain times but was still good enough to keep the viewer engaged. The Murgi humor, the dig at Americans and the handling of terrorism on a lighter note (which is extremely difficult but they pulled it off) all made the movie totally worth watching.

Va Quarter Cutting (the Va is not like Vaa for come, but for “Uwe” the sound of puking after getting drunk) – I don’t care what anyone says but I loved the movie ! The story is about a guy who is leaving to work in the Middle east and who is hence looking forward to getting drunk one last time. I had really high expectations for Pushkar-Gayathri after I saw their first venture “Oram po”, an utterly amazing and must-watch movie and this second one fell a little short of my expectations but still gave me a lot of laughs. Some of the scenes were absolutely brilliant and at least according to me they are taking tamil comedy to a whole new level! The heroine, although with a small role, was once again a disappointment – in short, Sonakshi Jr but maybe it was intended because the role calls for a really dumb girl.

Although the marathon had its ups and downs, the start and the finish made it worthwhile (you need some bad ones to make you appreciate the good ones, right ?)


  1. "yen peru Sura"

    "oh....vijay fana??? Un nejam per-a sollu"

    "Amitabh Bachan...yenna paatha Amitabh machan maadriya irukku?"
    - - -

    ungala neengale singam singam-nu solreengale, ungalukku asingama illa

    - - -

    The Villain was called Namitha by his father...

    And also, the

  2. @Voracious Blog Reader
    it may be politically incorrect but I laughed like crazy for "oh...neenga north Indiansa". Btw, the rest of your comment seems to be missing.

  3. yes, the neenga north Indiansa was great.

    I do not know why the comment is incomplete. I am not able to recollect what I wanted to say.

    Thanks for visiting my page.

    Voracious Blog Reader

  4. How about vinnaithandi varuvaya . ? ?

  5. @Ilavarasan
    I saw it long ago, dint like it though. Great cinematography, good songs, bad screenplay - expected more from Gautam.

  6. hey sowmya..'va' is '1/4' written in tamil..suppose to be a tax saver. btw even i liked the movie though it was dragging too much post interval..


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