Friday, September 17, 2010

Back to college ??

I just saw a movie - Oru kalluriyin kadai. Since Wikipedia has a dismally written plot in its article, here is my short version - Hero, a college student, and with his friends plan a get-together 5 years after graduation. Everyone turns up only to realise that the hero is mentally affected and has no idea that 5 years have passed. Since the psychiatrist figures out it was because of something that happened in college, they come up with ''re-creation therapy'' where the college days are re-created for a month to diagnose the hero's mental condition and treat it.

While the plot sounds highly impractical (re-creating a college with all his students, professors and infrastructure after 5 yrs such that the hero buys it) and mishy-mashy, it has its tugs-at-the -heart-strings moments. One example is the arch rival of the hero, who turns up un-invited for the re-creation and sadly demands ''enda, enna mattum vittuteenga? ellarum serndhu irukkum podhu enakkum varanumnu asai irukadha ??''* and another where one of the friends explains to the hero in the climax ''ellarum namma padicha collegea thirumbi pakka maatomanu enguvom, unnala naanga oru maasam vazhndhe pathutom da''**...I had to reach for the tissues !

All along the only thought in my mind was - Would the college/school relationships and student life really stand the test of time ? No, I am not talking about a couple of college/school friends being in touch, I am talking about the whole batch, the thing that held everyone together for a certain number of years.

If I take my case, 5 years after my graduation:
- I had been married for 3 months then
- I had been working for a while
Most of my class girls were married, some even had kids and many of them were working/living abroad.

I am sure most of us would enjoy a get-together at a friend's wedding or at an alumni event but would we really be willing to do it all again now for a month if we had the chance ??

Would be willing to stay away from families (spouses, kids etc.) ?
Would be willing to stay away from work ?
Would be willing to not care about our other responsibilities (insert a long list here) ?
Would we still enjoy making fun of teachers, gossiping about who-has-a-crush-on-whom, scribbling (etching) on class room benches, bunking classes, copying assignments under the desk ?

Would we really be able to live life as a ''student'' in the very same place ?

Time certainly is a tricky master....

*Why did you leave me out ? Would I not want to be together with everyone else ?
** Everyone wishes for a glimpse of their college but you have given us a chance to re-live those college days


  1. Guess you have lot of time and patience!!! :) Indha padathukkku ivvalavu naal kazhichu ippidi oru publicity!! hmmmmmm :) i was expecting peepli live review :) or suda suda kashmir article!!

  2. @Bharath
    aha..expectations ellam reporter levela irukke ! pozhudu pogama oru padam parthu adhu pathi ezhuda vida maanga polarukke....

  3. hey month is too much to ask at this moment..let us try if all of us can meet one day :) (after 8 years..) btw I try to find time to read some of ur blogs (based on the title;))..and i enjoy it. keep going!!

  4. @v
    thanks and yes, we should all try meeting sometime, who is getting married next ? A wedding can be a great place to do that !

  5. me saw tat movie first day first show...liked aarya after arindum ariyalum so went...tot everythin about the movie was nice song is ter...everyone wr tookatlendu elundu nadicha madiri feel....hmmm


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