Friday, September 17, 2010

Back to college ??

I just saw a movie - Oru kalluriyin kadai. Since Wikipedia has a dismally written plot in its article, here is my short version - Hero, a college student, and with his friends plan a get-together 5 years after graduation. Everyone turns up only to realise that the hero is mentally affected and has no idea that 5 years have passed. Since the psychiatrist figures out it was because of something that happened in college, they come up with ''re-creation therapy'' where the college days are re-created for a month to diagnose the hero's mental condition and treat it.

While the plot sounds highly impractical (re-creating a college with all his students, professors and infrastructure after 5 yrs such that the hero buys it) and mishy-mashy, it has its tugs-at-the -heart-strings moments. One example is the arch rival of the hero, who turns up un-invited for the re-creation and sadly demands ''enda, enna mattum vittuteenga? ellarum serndhu irukkum podhu enakkum varanumnu asai irukadha ??''* and another where one of the friends explains to the hero in the climax ''ellarum namma padicha collegea thirumbi pakka maatomanu enguvom, unnala naanga oru maasam vazhndhe pathutom da''**...I had to reach for the tissues !

All along the only thought in my mind was - Would the college/school relationships and student life really stand the test of time ? No, I am not talking about a couple of college/school friends being in touch, I am talking about the whole batch, the thing that held everyone together for a certain number of years.

If I take my case, 5 years after my graduation:
- I had been married for 3 months then
- I had been working for a while
Most of my class girls were married, some even had kids and many of them were working/living abroad.

I am sure most of us would enjoy a get-together at a friend's wedding or at an alumni event but would we really be willing to do it all again now for a month if we had the chance ??

Would be willing to stay away from families (spouses, kids etc.) ?
Would be willing to stay away from work ?
Would be willing to not care about our other responsibilities (insert a long list here) ?
Would we still enjoy making fun of teachers, gossiping about who-has-a-crush-on-whom, scribbling (etching) on class room benches, bunking classes, copying assignments under the desk ?

Would we really be able to live life as a ''student'' in the very same place ?

Time certainly is a tricky master....

*Why did you leave me out ? Would I not want to be together with everyone else ?
** Everyone wishes for a glimpse of their college but you have given us a chance to re-live those college days

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