Monday, August 30, 2010

Khoj 2 - seems bigger not better !

How is it INDIA’s got talent if the auditions are only conducted in NORTH India?

Why is the editing so bad that you miss a lot of the good performances and never the bad performances?

Why is it important to introduce edited and induced audience-clapping clips at precisely the wrong places to show the viewer blatantly that the ability to copy (other such shows) lies in the execution?

Why do Nikil and Ayushman wear pink shirts and even pinker ties?

Why are only acts like singing and dancing (that would probably increase TRP rating) chosen over other skills when the hosts keep saying in every living moment that the show is about hunting a unique talent from India ?

Why is that anytime there is a contestant from Punjab, Kirron Kher (can never remember the numerologically altered spelling), a judge who has to be impartial, gets all excited even if they are not as talented?

Why does Sajid Khan say ‘I gave you a standing ovation or I salute you’ as if it matters? I can’t recall any decent movie that he has written or directed. Oh..well, at least he doesn’t cry every chance he gets like Sekhar Kapoor.

Why does he make much ado about kids being exposed to violence when he himself comes from the movie industry that cares least about what is shown in a movie?

And finally why don’t I look for something better to do other than pose some rhetorical questions about a mediocre TV show that is only worth watching for some of their unbelievably talented participants ?


  1. hehe kaylvium neengale badilum neengale vaa

  2. Every channel has about 4-5 talent hunt shows!! I simply love the way judges comment!! :) if these things were there when i was doing my 12th std, i would have got more marks in my chemistry paper!! i watch only sports and sun music these days..


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